I must tell you – One man’s trash

What works for Gaiman doesn't work for Shetty

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I must tell you – GMT minus life

Week after week, my fear of not having something comical to report to you gets obliterated

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I must tell you – The Nightingales

Ain't nothing better in the world than watching an incompetent piano solo. More than a decade later, this is a story I would pay to hear. But at the time, it was the end of an era.

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I must tell you – No big deal

Being rejected or aggressively snapped out of a phase is a tiny blemish. I could make mistakes, but they wouldn't be international incidents. It's just cricket

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I must tell you – Season two

Would it even be I Must Tell You if every third edition wasn't a comeback?

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Love Sport Radio spot – World Cup 2019

I was live on Love Sport Radio UK to provide an Indian perspective on the World Cup match between England and India.

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