Date a guy who puts on his pants one leg at a time

You’ll fall in love with him before the Levi’s advertisement ends. Images of his grace will flicker through your mind; his movements in tune with your darkest desires.

Short Story – He loves me not

I’d got one hand on the last copy when she turned the corner into ‘Fiction’, halting just in time to prevent a calamitous introduction between her face and my chest...

Short Story: Dreams that don’t let go

I could tell with him from the start. He wasn’t your average monkey mouth. He had a nettling politeness about him. And man was he a thinker.

Being West Block: Victory Speech

We had taken it upon ourselves to bring new faces to the stadium. This wasn’t particularly easy. It took the team over a month to register our first home win, prior to which Pune FC and East Bengal had strung together consecutive losses for us. Sadly, we are a nation where there aren’t too many takers for a team that is losing.

Interview with the founders of Workbench Projects

Varun Shetty's interview with Anupama and Pavan of Workbench Projects about the maker space, innovation, automation, and scalability