What is this?


The cool people of the internet had me convinced that intelligence meant reading and reading meant books.  But in a stunning development, I’ve realised that great journalism is…great. So here it is, a newsletter that I hope can become a sturdy archive of human stories that were warm, heartbreaking, comical, romantic, gripping, and, most importantly, necessary. I hope to send it every week.

What will it contain?


Epic pieces of writing, journalism, illustrations, photos, and ideas that I come across. There’ll be (most of the time) a story of the week, followed by three or four other top class pieces. All wrapped together with a foreword that will usually include embarrassing stories from my life.

Do I need to link my Aadhar?



What if I get tired?


Every email has an unsubscribe option. Or you can reach out to me however you want and I will take you off the list. I won’t send you anything without your consent.


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